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Encore! The week in music

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Apr 8, 2012 8:16AM
Why are so many people dead set against her?  I think she is a wonderful singer , but everyone is entitled to their opinions, but to put a label on her just because she is not a skinny , little mousy girl like Madonna, Whitney, Christinna , and all the woman who made it and are skinny , well to put her down because of her looks is unfair, she is talented and she can sing, and for all the naysayers out there, her fame or shinning star wont last forever , But just because she has extra poundage does not make her a bad person or a bad singer, just leave her alone and let her have her fame, whether or not you like her,  there is the thing called, : change the dial" or just don't listen or buy her music  instead of complaining about her, there have been worse singers out there that have made more than she has and still do so just don't listen to her if you don't like her or her music.
Apr 8, 2012 8:10AM
Adele is amazing! Those of you who say she's too fat to sing or can't sing, look in the mirror. Maybe you're jealous. She's inspiring, and her songs have meaningful lyrics. I love Set Fire to the Rain.
Apr 8, 2012 7:57AM
I don't get why she is so popular!  she is dumpy looking and I dont' think she can sing all that great.  I turn the dial when one of her songs comes on.
Apr 8, 2012 7:54AM
@Bette Castro You have to understand one thing about our culture today. Millions in sales and topping the charts for weeks and weeks means NOTHING as far as talent. The quality of our music, movies, and other forms of entertainment have declined severely. It's all a bunch of commercialized, mainstream, "flavor of the month" crap now. With that being said, if you like her music, enjoy it. Just don't get all bent out of shape when others call her "average."
Apr 8, 2012 7:49AM
For those who think that winning Grammies and staying on the charts is proof of her talent - it is simply proof of the occasional madness of crowds. Reminds me of the way people were determined to make princess Diana a raving beauty when any impartial observer could see that while pleasant enough to look at, she would normally have been unnoticed in a world that seems to full of pretty girls everywhere you look.
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Encore! The week in music

AC/DC clarifies retirement rumors, Taylor Swift gives a superfan the surprise of a lifetime, the first couple of hip-hop may hit the road and more music news for the week ending April 18, 2014.