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Musical Dynasties: Musician dads and their tuneful offspring

By Mark Brown
Special to MSN Music

If your dad is a lawyer and you become a lawyer, you're a chip off the ol' block, continuing the family tradition. And if you join the family firm, more power to you.

If your dad is a world-famous musician and you go into music, you're a poseur, a headline-grabber, a hanger-on. And God forbid you think about being in your dad's band or having him produce your record.

Unless, of course, you're not a poseur. Many of those children of musicians have both nature and nurture on their side, so it's a natural thing to at least explore -- and sometimes excel -- in the same field as your father. Yet because of that public perception, the odds are stacked against you much more than the hypothetical lawyer. To commemorate Father's Day, here's a list of musicians who have broken out of their fathers' long musical shadows to blaze their own ways.


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