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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2012

Swagger, dedication and drama from the 2012 inductees

April 11, 2012

By Michael Shilling, Mark Brown, Jonathan Zwickel, and Alan Light
Special to MSN Music

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A unique combination of melodic speed-blues bravado, surfer sex appeal, bass-slapping pop hookery and bare-chested tongue-wagging riff-rap charisma

"Life ain't nothin' but a good groove/A good mixtape will put you in the right mood."

A Hall of Fame cliff-hanger ends as Axl Rose sabotages his own legacy

"It's about self-expression. It knows no package -- there's no such thing. That's what being an artist is."

"It was just a great band. We appreciated the soul and the blues and the R&B of the time. It was a big tribute to American music, really. We were selling back to them what they influenced us with."

"Nobody knew how long rock 'n' roll was going to last. I didn't really think much about that, but we knew we were doing something quite extraordinary."

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The 27th annual ceremony took place on Saturday, April 14, 2012, at Public Hall in Cleveland.

Apr 14, 2012 10:16PM
Rodney..... You say you "Could really could care less"...... With so many people constantly mis-interpreting this phrase, I'm not sure what you really mean here.... Let me explain. When you say, "I could care less", I take this to mean that you really do care. Right? Because this infers that you do care to a degree. I mean, you're saying that for example on a caring scale of 1 to 10, that you are at, let's say, a 3. So, since you're at a 3 then you could care less. You could care at a level 2, or a 1 which are less than your 3...... In turn, if someone wants to express the fact that they do not care at all, none, nada, they would then say, "I couldn't care less!" ..... Meaning on the 1 to 10 scale, they are at a 1, the lowest possible degree of caring, right?... Good then! That clairifies the ongoing confusion & misuse of this phrase. If one indeed does care, they obviously could care less. And it then would follow that if one does not care at all, it follows that, they could not care less. Right?....... Finally! Now we know which means what! So c'mon people, from this point forward say what you mean! Care?... Then you could care less. Don't care?...Then you couldn't care less.... It's really simple isn't it!... So Rodney, thank you for caring. And those of you who don't care, thank you for not being capable of caring less.... So now, let's all together, clean up the confusion. When your friend says they could or couldn't care less, just ask them to pause & ponder exactly which sentament it is that they wish to express, just out of respect for them, to be sure they are not misunderstood..... Together, we can finally get it right!! Thank you all so very much for helping us move from the grey world of confusion to the precise world of clear cut black & white!! OK, as you were..... Mike Frazier    
Apr 14, 2012 5:01PM
I must say this year's batch is quite a joke to fans of rock and pop music.  Then also a better question is does rock and roll NEED a hall of fame?  Should anyone care about that?  When a band or performer you like comes to town check out the show.  Be there, that is what is important.
Apr 14, 2012 3:12PM
I could really care less. But there are a lot of great artist out there who are not even nominated yet? What about the Commodores.
Apr 14, 2012 1:26PM

Who gives a poop about the HOF. As many people have posted, a lot of great bands don't get in.

Personally, I don't think GNR comes close to half the bands that haven't made it.

Apr 14, 2012 11:41AM
No Steppinwolf No Emerson Lake and Palmer No Ted Nugent No Johnny Winter = No creditably  What a joke Who runs that place what is it owned by wonder bread
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