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Genre: Pop/Rock
Biography: VAST is comprised of one man and one man only: Jon Crosby. The songwriter grew up in Humboldt County, CA, and was profiled as a promising guitarist in Guitar Player Magazine at the age of 13. He was nearly signed to the guitar-based label Shrapnel, but he turned down the offer and focused on honing his ...Read full biography
Music For People
Released: 2000
Label: Elektra Records
Critics' Rating:
VAST's Jon Crosby is mysteriously alluring -- the dark's scene artistic poet. And on his sophomore release Music for People, he molds his one man show of elaborate classical orchestration and shadowy industrial ...Read full review
Released: 2007
Label: 2 Blossoms Records
Critics' Rating:
Publicity for April describes this 40-minute CD as Jon Crosby's "acoustic project," which is misleading because April does, in fact, use some electric instruments. But while April doesn't sound truly "unplugged" ...Read full review