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The Billy Nayer Show

The Billy Nayer Show
Formed: 1992
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Genre: Pop/Rock
Group Members: Jay Newland, Frank Swart, Cory McAbee, Lee Vilensky, Bobby Lurie, Yuri Weber Gragon..., Randall Ahmann, James Beaudreau, Michael Silverman, ...See All
Biography: The San Francisco-born, New York-based Billy Nayer Show formed in 1992 with singer/songwriter/electric autoharpist Cory McAbee, drummer Bobby Lurie, guitarist Yuri Gragonovitch, and bass player Lee Vilensky. Their first gig was opening for the Circle Jerks, where they found themselves covered in human ...Read full biography
The Ketchup and Mustard Man
Released: 2004
Label: CD Baby
Critics' Rating:
This is the original soundtrack from McAbee's film of the same name, a stream-of-consciousness musical about a little princess and other various doomed characters in a shaggy dog tale. For a soundtrack ...Read full review
Return to Brigadoon
Released: 1999
Label: CD Baby
Critics' Rating:
The latest album from the Billy Nayer Show has the group back to a four piece, James Beaudreu and Michael Silverman taking over the guitar and bass chores. The sound is more in line with Villian, just ...Read full review
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