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Steve Reich

Steve Reich
Born: Oct 3, 1936 in New York, NY
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Genre: Classical
Biography: Following in the footsteps of La Monte Young and Terry Riley, composer Steve Reich is widely considered the third major pioneer of minimalism; credited as the innovator behind phasing -- a process whereby two tape loops lined up in unison gradually move out of phase with each other, ultimately coming ...Read full biography
Steve Reich: Music for 18 Musicians
Released: 1998
Label: Nonesuch
Critics' Rating:
After Reich's initial experiments with phase music, he moved on to exploring pulse -- music that had no relation to melody, but would repeat phrases of either one or several notes, increasing then decreasing ...Read full review
Another Look At Counterpoint
Released: 1993
Label: Amiata
Critics' Rating:
Reich compositions from 1973, 1967, 1985, and 1979 are brought into new focus by the Amadinda Percussion Group, pianists Kinga Szekely and Bela Farago, and their ensemble Group 180. They bring new brightness, ...Read full review