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Some Girls

Some Girls
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Group Members: Juliana Hatfield, Freda Love, Heidi Gluck
Biography: To fully appreciate and understand the history of Some Girls, one needs to know something about the group that paved the way for them: the Blake Babies. A female alternative pop/rock trio with ties to Boston and Indianapolis, Some Girls was officially formed in 2001; however, two members of Some Girls ...Read full biography
Feel It
Released: 2003
Label: Koch Entertainment
Critics' Rating:
As a rule, solo careers come after membership in a group -- not before. But Juliana Hatfield, Some Girls' lead singer, had long since established herself as a solo artist when she formed this female alternative ...Read full review
Crushing Love [CD/DVD]
Released: 2006
Label: Koch
Critics' Rating:
Though Some Girls' second album may be full of warm riffs reminiscent of Liz Phair, John Mellencamp, or Sheryl Crow, Crushing Love shouldn't be considered a cheerful record. The major chords played by ...Read full review
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