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Sex Pistols

Formed: 1975 in London, England
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Disbanded: 1978
Genre: Pop/Rock
Group Members: Steve Jones, Sid Vicious, Ronnie Biggs, Paul Cook, John Lydon, Glen Matlock, Johnny Rotten
Biography: The Sex Pistols may have only been together for two years in the late '70s, but they changed the face of popular music. Through their raw, nihilistic singles and violent performances, the band revolutionized the idea of what rock & roll could be. In England, the group was considered dangerous to the ...Read full biography
Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols
Released: 1977
Label: Virgin
Critics' Rating:
While mostly accurate, dismissing Never Mind the Bollocks as merely a series of loud, ragged midtempo rockers with a harsh, grating vocalist and not much melody would be a terrible error. Already anthemic ...Read full review
Flogging a Dead Horse
Released: 1980
Label: Phantom Import Distribution
Critics' Rating:
Flogging a Dead Horse collects the A- and B-sides of the Sex Pistols' seven British singles. It's not really the best way to hear those singles, though -- there was a sharp decline in the quality and relevance ...Read full review