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Model Rockets

Model Rockets
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Biography: After the breakup of Stumpy Joe, several members re-formed in 1993 as a punked-out power-pop outfit called the Glory Stompers, which was soon changed to the Model Rockets because of an identically named band. The initial lineup included guitarist/lead vocalist John Ramberg, gutiarist Grant Johnson, bassist ...Read full biography
Tell the Kids the Cops Are Here
Released: 2002
Label: CD Baby
Critics' Rating:
Saying that a band is power pop may automatically evoke thoughts of Big Star, the Raspberries, or the Knack, but such a narrow definition would completely miss a band like Model Rockets. Yes, they are ...Read full review
Snatch It Back and Hold It
Released: 1996
Label: C/Z
Critics' Rating:
While the Model Rockets' main influence is classic power pop, they occasionally kick some songs into punk overdrive, making it difficult to pigeonhole the band as being of one style or another. That's ...Read full review
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