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Milli Vanilli

Milli Vanilli
Formed: 1988 in Germany
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Disbanded: 1991
Genre: Other
Group Members: Frank Farian, Rob Pilatus, Fabrice Morvan
Biography: Milli Vanilli. The mere mention of the name still calls up the same derision it did when the dance-pop duo's career came to a sudden and ignominious end: Fakers. Frauds. A blatant marketing scam. Their story has been retold countless times: after selling millions of records, Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan ...Read full biography
Girl You Know It's True
Released: 1989
Label: Arista
Critics' Rating:
A wise man, perhaps Giorgio Moroder (or maybe PT Barnum -- they all run together after a while), once said that it was possible to fool all the people all the time (or words to that effect), and if he ...Read full review
All or Nothing
Released: 1988
Label: Phantom Import Distribution
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Trivia time. Milli Vanilli's first album was never released in its original incarnation in America. That album was called All or Nothing, and the bulk of it was used as the basis for the smash-hit American ...Read full review