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Last Days of May

Last Days of May
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Genre: Pop/Rock
Group Members: Thomas Howard, Karl Precoda, James Ralston
Biography: When former Dream Syndicate guitarist Karl Precoda formed a band of his own in the late ‘90s, it was safe to assume that Last Days of May wasn't going to be a carbon copy of his old band (which he left in 1984). And sure enough, Last Days of May is no more a carbon copy of Dream Syndicate than Public ...Read full biography
The First 7 Billion Miles
Released: 2004
Label: Doubling Cube
Critics' Rating:
Karl Precoda's Last Days of May project returns with an album that makes their previous releases seem almost radio-friendly by comparison. Although those albums shared a penchant for lengthy free-form ...Read full review
Inner System Blues
Released: 2002
Label: Squealer
Critics' Rating:
To many rock critics, commercialism is inherently evil -- they reason being is that if something is commercial, it must be devoid of substance and integrity. But truth be told, commercial rock can be either ...Read full review
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