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I Killed the Prom Queen

I Killed the Prom Queen
Formed: 2003 in Adelaide, South Australia, Austra
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Disbanded: 2007
Genre: Pop/Rock
Group Members: Sean Kennedy, Michael Crafter, Jona Weinhofen, Kevon Cameron, JJ
Biography: Vocalist Michael Crafter (also of Carpathian), guitarists Jona Weinhofen and Kevon Cameron, bassist Sean Kennedy, and drummer JJ formed the ingeniously named I Killed the Prom Queen in Adelaide, Australia, in 2003. Their Choose to Live or Die EP followed shortly afterward, and 2004 saw the release of ...Read full biography
Music for the Recently Deceased
Released: 2006
Label: Metal Blade
Critics' Rating:
Having an interesting name can grab one's attention, but actually keeping it is another matter. No one can accuse I Killed the Prom Queen of not having a memorable name, but what about their music? Music ...Read full review
When Goodbye Means Forever
Released: 2004
Label: Hand of Hope/Victory Distribution
Critics' Rating:
Following in the footsteps of Killswitch Engage, Age of Ruin, and God Forbid, to name but a few, Adelaide, Australia's cleverly named I Killed the Prom Queen represent the new wave of post-nu-metal bands ...Read full review
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