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Haircut 100

Haircut 100
Formed: 1980 in Beckenham, England
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Disbanded: 1983
Genre: Pop/Rock
Group Members: Nick Heyward, Blair Cunningham, Mark Fox, Graham Jones, Les Nemes, Les, Phil Smith, Patrick Hunt
Biography: Combining light funk with frothy pop, Haircut 100 was one of the cleanest and most accessible new wave groups. Formed in 1980, the British band's core members were vocalist Nick Heyward, bassist Les Nemes, and guitarist Graham Jones; the following year, drummer Memphis Blair Cunningham, saxophonist Phil ...Read full biography
Pelican West
Released: 1982
Label: American Beat Records
Critics' Rating:
Haircut 100's debut album, Pelican West is a widely uneven concoction of lite funk and jazzy new wave pop. Although the group's music was frequently so light it virtually disappeared, they did record a ...Read full review
Paint and Paint
Released: 1983
Label: Polydor
Critics' Rating:
Nick Heyward left Haircut 100 for a solo career shortly after the success of Pelican West, so the group decided that percussionist Mark Fox would be an adequate lead vocalist for their second album, Paint ...Read full review
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