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Biography: Taking his alias from a reference to author Italo Calvino's story Luna e GNAC, in which the view from a family's apartment window shows the last four letters of a Cognac billboard, Manchester, England's Mark Tranmer began recording as Gnac in the mid-'90s. Influenced by Ennio Morricone and the Durutti ...Read full biography
Friend Sleeping
Label: Vespertine
Critics' Rating:
As compelling and delicately focused as the singles collection Sevens, Friend Sleeping is further proof that Mark Tranmer (aka Gnac) has an apt and talented ear for rock and pop instrumentation as the ...Read full review
Twelve Sidelong Glances
Released: 2006
Label: LTM Publishing
Critics' Rating:
Gnac aka Mark Tranmer's fourth album (not counting compilations or a straight-up solo effort under his own name) continues in the vein of moodily elegant instrumental releases from earlier years, but with ...Read full review