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Fiction Family

Fiction Family
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Genre: Folk
Group Members: Sean Watkins, Jon Foreman, Tyler Chester
Biography: Fiction Family is the acoustic-oriented collaboration of Switchfoot's Jon Foreman and Nickel Creek's Sean Watkins. The duo took informal shape in 2005 under the name the Real SeanJon, a humorous moniker intended to irk Sean Jean Combs. Utilizing what little time they had between tours, the musicians ...Read full biography
Fiction Family
Released: 2009
Label: Credential Recordings
Critics' Rating:
Taking a break from their respective bands, songwriters Jon Foreman (Switchfoot's frontman) and Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek's guitarist) explore the boundaries of acoustic folk-pop with this self-titled ...Read full review
Fiction Family Reunion
Released: 2013
Label: Rock Ridge Music
Critics' Rating:
The appropriately titled Fiction Family Reunion, the second studio outing from Nickel Creek guitarist Sean Watkins and Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman-led folk-pop outfit Fiction Family, officially adds ...Read full review
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