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Formed: 1992 in Notodden, Norway
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Genre: Pop/Rock
Group Members: Mortiis, Trym, Ihsahn, Faust, Samoth
Biography: When attention first focused on Norway's almost cartoonishly violent black metal scene in the mid-'90s, Mayhem were dubbed its godfathers, but most of the critical accolades were bestowed upon Emperor, whose musical innovations have had more impact on the genre than any other band. Norwegian black metal ...Read full biography
In the Nightside Eclipse
Released: 1994
Label: Candlelight Records
Critics' Rating:
When the world first discovered Norwegian black metal, it was largely thanks to a well-publicized crime spree that left several scenesters dead or in jail. Most of the music available at that point -- ...Read full review
In The Nightside Eclipse [Bonus Tracks]
Released: 1994
Label: IODA
Critics' Rating:
Displaying much more emotional range than many of its contemporaries, Emperor's In the Nightside Eclipse combines black metal's noisy fury with synth arrangements and dark, haunting medieval chords and ...Read full review