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3rd Bass

3rd Bass
Formed: 1987 in Queens, NY
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Disbanded: 1992
Genre: R&B, Rap
Group Members: MC Serch, Richie Rich, Pete Nice, DJ Richie Rich
Biography: 3rd Bass was one of a still-small number of white hip-hop artists to achieve wide acceptance in the larger community. Along with the Beastie Boys, 3rd Bass proved that white hip-hop wasn't necessarily going to become a watered-down, commercially exploitative rip-off of the genuine article, as so many ...Read full biography
The Cactus Album
Released: 1989
Label: Def Jam/RAL
Critics' Rating:
Besides the upper-middle-class frat-punks-in-rap-clothing shtick of the Beastie Boys and emissary/producer Rick Rubin, who both gained a legitimate, earned respect in the rap community, there were very ...Read full review
Derelicts Of Dialect
Released: 1991
Label: Def Jam/RAL
Critics' Rating:
Although 3rd Bass didn't fully realize their tremendous potential, the Brooklyn rappers offered enjoyable, if uneven, albums. Like the group's 1989 debut, their second and final album, Derelicts of Dialect, ...Read full review