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Jill Gallina



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Abraham Lincoln, Abraham
Ballet Dancing Bear
Bean Bag Catch (Throw and Catch with Partner)
Bean Bag Catch [Instrumental]
Bean Bag Parade (Marching, Balance)
Bean Bag Parade [Instrumental]
Bean Bag Rock (Rhythms and Body Identification)
Bean Bag Rock [Instrumental]
Beat the Drum For George Washington
Bumping and Jumping
Bumping and Jumping [Instrumental]
Calypso Island [Music Only]
Calypso Island [Vocals and Music]
Cat Who Clowns Around
Christopher Columbus
Clap Your Hands to a Groovy Beat
Come To Me, Mother, for chorus & orchestra (...
Deep Sea Diving Donkey
Exercising Elephant
Finger Play Song
Floating Cloud [Instrumental]
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