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©AP/ Henry Rollins
© AP/ Henry Rollins
Henry Rollins apologizes for suicide article

Rocker Henry Rollins has issued a public apology for publishing a controversial article about suicide following the death of funnyman Robin Williams.

The former Black Flag frontman sparked outrage by writing a divisive column titled "[Bleep] Suicide" for the L.A. Weekly newspaper. In the essay, he criticized those who take their own life, including Williams, who killed himself earlier this month after a long battle with depression.

Rollins wrote of the star, "How in the hell could you possibly do that to your children? I don't care how well adjusted your kid might be, choosing to kill yourself, rather than to be there for that child, is every shade of awful, traumatic and confusing. I think as soon as you have children, you waive your right to take your own life."

However, Rollins has now issued an open letter, titled "An Apology," through his website to say sorry for his comments.

He writes, "The article I wrote in the LA Weekly about suicide caused a lot of hurt ... That I hurt anyone by what I said, and I did hurt many, disgusts me. It was not at all my intent but it most certainly was the result ... I am not asking for a break from the caning, take me to the woodshed as much as you see fit. If what I said has caused you to be done with me, I get it ... I am deeply sorry. Down to my marrow. I can't think that means anything to you, but I am. Completely sorry. It is not of my interest to hurt anyone but I know I did. Thank you for reading this."


Sep 5, 2014 7:13AM
Suicide is still an unforgivable sin, and RW will burn in hell long before I will. Now go back to watching your idiot box, because that seems to be the people that mean the most to you. Bless the soldiers who gave their lives, so that shallow minded people can live their life by the T.V.
Sep 4, 2014 1:21PM
He should NOT have apologized. He is free to say that those are his feelings. It is true you have to be selfish bastard and coward to take your own life. But if you feel like suicide is YOUR way out, by all means do so...You wont be going to heaven, instead you'll get to see hitler, stalin, osama and obama in hell
Sep 1, 2014 1:32PM
Sep 1, 2014 1:28PM

It's amazing how many of you support this racist.

I guess that makes all of you racists too.

You know this guy supports Charles Manson.

Do you too?

Sep 1, 2014 12:19PM
I understand your apology. I would like for you to know how your article has hurt my family. My husband is 71 and has had Parkinson's Disease for 10 yrs. He has had Deep Brain Stimulation. He takes his prescription meds. After Mr Williams died and it was disclosed he had "early stage" PD & my husband read your comments & that of Mr Schneider he went into a deep depression. He doesn't like to eat or drink anything. He takes his meds at the wrong times even though we have his meds all set up and an alarm goes off for each time he needs to take them, & he sleeps because he feels like "why get up". He is very capable of getting up, exercising, fixing himself something to eat & drink, working in the yard, etc. But now I have had to become a nag and a caregiver to an almost invalid. I pray this never happens to you or yours.
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