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© / Casey Kasem
© / Casey Kasem
Casey Kasem's daughter opens up about decision to withhold food, fluids from her dying dad


Casey Kasem's daughter Kerri has revealed her decision to withhold medication, food and fluids from her dying dad was one of the hardest decisions she and her siblings have ever had to make.

A judge in Los Angeles granted Kerri's request on Wednesday after initially ruling that Kasem, 82, should not be denied vital life-saving drugs and liquid as he battled sepsis, dementia and Parkinson's disease.

And Kerri took to her Facebook page on Thursday to explain herself, writing, "Transitioning our father's treatment to comfort-oriented care was one of the hardest decisions we've ever had to make.

"For people who do not understand the natural dying process: Giving food and water to a dying body creates pain and further suffering. The body does not want or require food or water anymore in the dying process. My father can no longer digest foods and fluids fill his lungs up and will suffocate him."

But she assures fans her father is on pain medication as the family prepares for his death in a Washington hospital.

He is surrounded by family and close friends, and Kerri is hoping that her stepmother Jean and her daughter Liberty will join them for her father's final days.

Kerri and Jean have been feuding for months after Kasem's daughter accused her stepmother of refusing to let her and her siblings visit their dad.

Jean stormed out of court on Wednesday after the judge ruled in favor of Kerri Kasem's request and later told reporters, "It's wrong, the courts are wrong," adding that everyone involved "has blood on their hands."

Jun 19, 2014 6:59AM
I had to make the same decision for my mother.  But I would say that deciding to put my mom in a nursing home was much more difficult than making the decision to let her go physically.  Yes it was still very hard.  But she was suffering, she could no longer eat or drink, she hadn't really spoken in years...wanting her to know that she didnt have to suffer anymore and realizing that she was trapped inside her body with no way to communicate was what i needed to do for her.  The hospice she was in, was wonderful to her and to us.  it was 3 years ago today that she passed away.  So I completely understand the decision, and how difficult it is to make.

Jun 15, 2014 9:05PM
Listened to this man for years  My condolences to the entire family.   I have done hospice nursing for years.  Food and fluids cannot be digested as the body shuts down.    The heart is a pump that cannot pump anything extra.   Fluids back up in the lung and the patient has a painful death.     The daughter made a very difficult but decision in the best interest of her dad.    My prayers are with this family.
Jun 15, 2014 5:22PM

I guess if you're in the process of death and you prolong the pain by giving meds, food and water.....this is what a nurse says then I will believe her but I am still very saddened and will always remember.


Jun 15, 2014 5:19PM

I am so very sorry for Casey Kasem and his family.  I do not understand why if he was in poor shape and/or going to die why they did as they did.  If Casey Kasem did not want to be on life support that was his choice but this wonderful man should still be given his Meds, Food and Water until his final day.  This just makes no sense to me how you could add to his suffering even more.  I can't believe that a Hospital can let this happen and get away with it either.

You were my favorite on the Radio when I was a young teenager. 

RIP Casey Kasem you will never be forgotten. 

Jun 15, 2014 4:49PM
Hope I'm never in a situation where people that I care about will ever have to make a decision such as this about me. I understand the decision made by the daughter and I would have done the same, but at the same time, I feel for the stepmother's desire to spend every possible moment that she has left with her husband ( if even in a limited capacity). No way I take sides here.......
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