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©AP / Aaron Lewis
© AP / Aaron Lewis
Staind singer Aaron Lewis calls out concertgoers during show


Staind frontman Aaron Lewis scolded a group of fans who were grabbing a young girl while she crowd-surfed during his concert on Saturday.

The band was playing a set during the Rockfest event in Kansas City, Missouri, when Lewis noticed a number of audience members were groping a female who was being shuffled around by the crowd. In a video posted on YouTube, Lewis is seen stopping the performance and ranting at the unruly patrons, exclaiming, "That [expletive] girl is, like, 15 ... and you ... are molesting her while she is on the [expletive] crowd!"

Lewis, who has three daughters of his own, told the crowd, "Your [expletive] mothers should be ashamed of themselves," and threatened to have attendees beaten up for inappropriately touching the girl. He concluded, "Now girls, feel free to crowd-surf safely." The rest of the show, which was attended by an estimated 55,000 fans, continued without incident.

Jun 5, 2014 7:22PM
There were enough people watching this zero talent POS to crowd surf ? NO ONE likes Staind that isnt employed at Hot Topic
Jun 5, 2014 2:00PM
This is where our society is a little a$$-backwards. When reading through the comments - instead of a everyone applauding a man for standing up and saying something when a 15 YEAR OLD GIRL is being molested, many of you BLAME THE GIRL saying "oh, she wanted to be groped, that's why she crowd-surfed." NO! If a lady wears a skirt does not mean she wants men looking up her skirt? No, She's wearing a skirt because she likes wearing skirts.. This girl probably crowd-surfed because she's never done it before and she wanted to give it a try. We need to stop blaming the innocent - especially when it comes to a MINOR being MOLESTED. Those who blame the girl should seriously rethink their opinions. Unless this minor was crowd-surfing screaming "Grope me everybody, grope me!!!" then those people touching her inappropriately on purpose were molesting her and in the wrong!!!!
Jun 5, 2014 11:08AM

Yeah this is pretty simple.  Common sense I think dictates here.  As a long time concert goer, I've seen many girls get groped.  99% of the time, groping is the very reason why they are doing it in the first place.  I'm not saying that every girl enjoys this or that this girl in particular was looking to get groped.  Simply said, if you're a female at a hard rock concert and you crowd surf, chances are you know you are going to get groped.  It just comes with the territory!

In this case, I think that Aaron Lewis saw something that he didn't like and just got a little too emotional about it.  I think Aaron Lewis should just keep his mouth shut!  If he's not criticizing Carrie Underwood, he's ranting and raving about crowd surfing.  He's a poser wannabe country boy anyway.  You're from Massachusetts Aaron Lewis.  That's New England.  A backwoods redneck hick and a country boy are not the same thing.  You first hit the scene as a nu metal rocker with a shaved head, a pierced brow and baggy clothes, now your sportin' a trucker cap, stranglers, and a tucked in tshirt.  C'mon man?!  You ain't foolin' anyone.

Who knows, maybe Aaron Lewis really is country.  But more importantly, who cares?  If so, guess that means he was posing from the beginning.  No one should care about what a "poser" has to say......pipe down Aaron Lewis! 


Jun 5, 2014 11:02AM
Don't put your hands up... Let the idiot fall on their head... Saw it happen in Colorado. Surfer left the concert on a stretcher.. Would that have made you happy Aaron???
Jun 5, 2014 10:38AM
nice to hear about a decent act!!! there needs to be more....
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