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Barbra Streisand
© AP / Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand plays first ever show in Israel


Veteran entertainer Barbra Streisand thrilled fans at her first ever concert in Israel by singing the country's national anthem in Hebrew.

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The Jewish singer performed her debut gig at the Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv on Thursday night  to an audience of 16,000 delighted fans.

During her 2 1/2 hour set, Streisand admitted playing in Israel felt "special" and "different" because it represented a "very special connection to my roots and my family," and she closed the show by singing the country's national anthem "Hatikva," according to Before singing the song, she told the audience, "(Hatikva's) deeply moving words are a prayer that suggests that as long as the heart within a Jewish soul still yearns, hope is never lost. So tonight, on this very special occasion, I sing this with the continued hope that we may learn from with yesterday (sic), live for today, and continue to strive for a better tomorrow."

The star will play a second night at the stadium on Friday.