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Door to Paul McCartney's childhood home sells for $8K

The front door from Paul McCartney's childhood home in Liverpool, England, has sold at auction for $8,000.

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A phone bidder from Lancashire won the door to 20 Forthlin Road in Allerton during the sale at Dominic Winter Auctioneers in Cirencester, England, on Wednesday.

McCartney lived at the address before the Beatles took off in the early 1960s and reports suggest he learned to play guitar, piano, drums and the trumpet there.

The house was bought by the National Trust in 1995 but the windows, tiles and fittings were refurbished in the late 1970s.

Just like Shakira's name is actually Shake 'Er A.. .
When will the truth about the naming of the band come out again ? The band , due to the dislike of them by the older generation , was to be called the Beat-Less , not the Beatles. . .
Apr 13, 2013 4:00PM
Idiotic statement. Paul doesn't own the house or the door - someone can't read:  The National Trust owns both and has since the 70's.
Apr 13, 2013 3:36PM
McCartney= greedy arrogant hypocrite.  When is enough enough for this guy? 
I ued to work at Shea Stadiumm and have an empty toilet paper roll from wheb Ringo used the last of the paper to wipe he-self. . . from August of '66
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