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©AP / Morrissey
© AP / Morrissey
L.A. venue agrees to go vegetarian for Morrissey


Morrissey has been given a big meat-free boost as he prepares for his live comeback after recovering from an illness. The Staples Center in Los Angeles will go vegetarian for the rocker's show on March 1.

The concert will mark the first time the 20,000-capacity venue goes all-veggie, as all vendors will keep their meat products out of sight during the show -- and the venue's McDonald's outlets will be closed for the evening. According to a press release from Morrissey's representative, the same request had previously been denied to Paul McCartney. The decision is a big win for animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), who will benefit from a portion of ticket sales.

Bing: Morrissey thanks fans for support during health crisis

Morrissey plans to resume his North American tour on February 26 after cancelling a string of dates to recover from a bleeding ulcer.