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©WENN / Robert Plant
© WENN / Robert Plant
Robert Plant hints he'd be open to Led Zeppelin reunion


After their tantalizing one-off gig in 2007, Robert Plant has hinted that he's open to a Led Zeppelin reunion next year. Speaking to Australia's version of "60 Minutes," the singer deflected the notion that he's the reason for Zeppelin's dormancy. "[Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones] are Capricorns. They don't say a word. They're quite contained in their own worlds and they leave it to me," said Plant. "I'm not the bad guy. ... You need to see the Capricorns -- I've got nothing to do in 2014."

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Plant, Page and Jones reunited for one show at London's O2 Arena on Dec. 10, 2007, with Jason Bonham drumming in place of his late father, John. Though Page and Jones were willing to tour afterward, Plant was disinterested. Page and Jones considered finding a replacement before abandoning their plans, and their 2007 show was released as "Celebration Day" last year. Last November, Page spoke with Rolling Stone on the failed reunion tour, saying that Plant "was busy." The band also entered talks for a streaming music deal last month.

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Feb 19, 2013 4:57PM
why are there somany****ingidiots on these threads
Feb 19, 2013 9:54AM

I saw the interview and didn't think the comment was serious but rather a bit of gamesmanship for fun.....So love his personality, he is having a good time, what joy! I think he looks great, try being 65!


Band of Joy with Patty Griffin is wonderful.





Feb 19, 2013 9:18AM
Plant 's assertion is best committed to memory.  My inclination would be his statement, "I don't have anything to do in 2014" reverberates boredom and financial gain. Always a Zep fan, their music the best especially in the 1970's when producing was not faked.  ITA with the people comments, some things are best left to legacy!  Besides the group Plant tried to make relevant, didn't get a warm reception recently. *Side note Robert's voice is gone..., Zeps music IMO is still relevant today, but the rockers per se are not.  Every time we hear of particular rockers from the 70's 80's making a comeback tour, i.e. Rolling Stones, Santana, Beatles et al usually result  not generating the reception even with promotion, tour schedules, etc. Okay it's pleasant to revisit our youth but painful to see its aging populace. Grace Slick said it best, "Not interested in seeing any old rocker up there trying to convince themselves, not fooling anyone" paraphrase.
Feb 19, 2013 8:13AM

Best R&R band in the last 50 years.

I saw them live, in their prime . If  they tour and you've never seen them, by all means go, I'm sure it will be a great time to be remembered and to have been a part of.

As for me, I think I'd like to remember them the way they were, young, energetic, acoustical/electric flipping perfection.

Those are the memories I want to keep.




Feb 19, 2013 7:58AM
Saw Zep twice. Once in Florida and once in Ohio. Their live shows were never as good as their studio work. I saw the Celebration video and was So-o-o-o disappointed. All things considered, I'd say forget the tour idea. Plant is burned out. His voice proved that at the Celebration. Page was one of the most innovative guitarists of his time, but now it seems that he's just going through the motions, doing digital gymnastics instead of making beautiful music. Jones and Bonham were always the backbone of the group. When Bonham died, so did the band...let it rest in peace. We loved them then...we'll love them forever.
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