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Cheerleader says Destiny's Child reunion is on for the Super Bowl


The Destiny's Child reunion is on for the Super Bowl on Sunday -- a New Orleans Saints cheerleader has let it slip she saw the trio rehearsing on Thursday.

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Beyonce and her former bandmates have been coy about reports of a comeback at the Superdome in New Orleans during the half-time show, but it seems they haven't been able to lock down rehearsals.

Cheerleader Courtney Labat, who will be performing with Beyonce on Sunday, was caught out on Friday when "Entertainment Tonight" reporter Rocsi Diaz asked her if rehearsals with Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland have been good. She replied, "Yeah, they've been awesome. We were actually able to see the show yesterday."

If the reports are true, it will be Destiny's Child first public performance in five years.

Feb 2, 2013 9:47PM

Like most people, I'm sick of Beyonce.  Wearing those short shorts....who wants to see that?  Why not get a country icon like George Strait, Alan Jackson or Willie Nelson.  That's the type music we like.  Who picks these entertainers?


Glad to see Kelly Rowland going to sing.  Has anyone EVER seen Kelly Rowland singing "White Christmas" with Michael Buele' ?  Gotta listen to it...Kelly is AWESOME. 


I say "more Kelly Rowland, less of Beyonce".  Kelly is much more talented.

Feb 2, 2013 6:53PM
Can they really fit that much ego in one stadium?
Feb 2, 2013 4:37PM
they should invite joe bonamassa to play half time.
Oh, good. My sleepless nights are history. *Yawn*
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