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©AP / John Fogerty
© AP / John Fogerty
John Fogerty reviving CCR classics with celebrity friends


Former Creedence Clearwater Revival star John Fogerty is revamping the band's classic hits for his new album, with the help of guests including Jennifer Hudson, Dave Grohl and Kid Rock.

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The veteran singer, who disbanded CCR in 1972, recently revealed he would be putting together a stellar lineup of celebrity guests for his next release, and now he has confirmed his pals have been helping him record new versions of his band's most popular tracks.

Foo Fighters frontman Grohl, who has been playing with Fogerty in the new supergroup Sound City Players, is among the contributors to the album, along with singer/actress Hudson, who helped transform the classic track "Proud Mary." Fogerty has revealed the band's most beloved songs, including "Born on the Bayou" and "Fortunate Son," are getting a complete revamp, and he made all of his guest stars join him in the studio to make sure they didn't stick to the original versions, telling Rolling Stone magazine, "I didn't want to just mail people tracks, because then everyone would just do [songs like] 'Proud Mary' like the old record."

Fogerty also explains that re-recording the band's hits has been a poignant process for him after years of bitter legal wrangling with his former bandmates, adding, "There was a long time when a lot of stuff was painful, but that doesn't exist anymore. I wrote all these songs -- they're back home with daddy, like they should be." Other guest stars include Bob Seger and My Morning Jacket rocker Jim James. The album, titled "Wrote a Song for Everyone," will be released later this year.

Mar 22, 2013 11:18AM

It will be like painting a mustache and beard on the Mona Lisa.


Please John, ....leave us with only pure memories of yourself and CCR.


Don't taint your classic music like this.  


Feb 1, 2013 1:37PM
I haven't followed his recent years as closely as I would have liked, but every time I read an update on him and he's reminiscing about the past, the anger is unmistakable.  As well, he talks about how miserable he was during that entire period he was writing and recording that classic material with CCR, and speaks of an incredible burden he bore through that time and many years thereafter when he was involved in litigation with his record label Fantasy Records - to the point he was NOT ALLOWED TO EVEN SING ANY OF THOSE SONGS HE WROTE from that late '60's early '70's period.  That's like telling an artist he can't look at masterpieces he painted.  That being said, I can understand why he's only looking forward and doesn't want to think back, and Fogarty now claims to be happier than he's ever been in his life.  Great for him.     
Jan 31, 2013 10:31PM
Why not just write new music in the original CCR style?  As much as I like John Fogerty I really have no interest in hearing new versions of these classics.
Jan 31, 2013 9:14PM
No Mr. Fogerty... please don't go George Lucas on us! Although I will admit I could maybe listen to a few Bob Seger covers, that's where I draw the line!

Jan 31, 2013 8:06PM
i heard john fogerty perform several years ago at an outdoor concert. i am a huge fogerty fan and CCR fan and i could have closed my eyes and it would have been difficult to discern the difference in the quality of his voice compared to the recorded studio versions from the late sixties. obviously, he did not attempt to copy his masterpieces from that era.  the voice is unique, always will be, nobody can ever duplicate it.  it's a miracle that he can still speak, less yet perform flawless copies of his own music some 40 yrs. later.  CCR is arguably the best rock n roll band in the history of rock n roll.  pure, unadulterated, in your face, flawless rock n roll.  listen, if you can stand it, for about 1 hr to a music channel on your television cable. go for today'****.  see if you can tell the difference between any of the musicians or  any of the music.
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