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©AP / Madonna
© AP / Madonna
Madonna's tour is 10th biggest earner of all time


Madonna's MDNA world tour has been named the 10th highest-grossing concert series of all time.

Madonna launched her global trek in Tel Aviv, Israel in May last year and played almost 100 shows to 2.2 million fans in more than 30 countries before wrapping up the gigs in Cordoba, Argentina last month, It has already been named the biggest-earning tour of 2012, and now official figures show the trek grossed more than $305 million, putting it at number 10 on Billboard Boxscore's list of the ultimate rock tours.

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The news means Madonna has the honor of occupying two spots in the top 10, as her Sticky & Sweet concert series was placed third on the list in 2009, taking in $408 million. She joins the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi and the Grateful Dead as the only acts to land Billboard's highest-grossing tour twice in three years.

"The overwhelming global success of the MDNA tour proves yet again that Madonna is the greatest female touring artist," said Arthur Fogel, head of MDNA promoter Live Nation's Global Touring division, to Billboard. "As this tour takes its place as one of the most successful in history, I can't help but enjoy the fact that it is the millions of fans who determine that."

Jan 28, 2013 10:49AM

No one listened to Madonna because they thought she was a great singer.  We listened because it was fun, sexy, great to dance to(esp when remixed), a bit naughty, irreverant, etc... . She is one of my favorites along with Ella Fitzgerald (see TV version of Misty), Shirley Bassey, Annie Lenox, Nina Simone, etc

Madonna is an entertainer, vocal talent is secondary


Jan 26, 2013 9:51AM
Madonna is a traitor & doesn't support the gay community she uses it for self gain and profit, each time she performed on her highest grossing tours she earned Mitt Romney and Bain Capital millions (look it up)-and co-incidentally the Mormon church. As Bain Capital with Mitt Romney (Church of Mormons) own Live Nation-Clear Channel & Warner Music Group. In fact she unabashedly gave power to anti-gay marriage Presidential hopefuls & term holders, such as Bill Clinton(DOMA). Rant after rant, Madonna tirades about this politician & that -when in fact she took hundreds of bucks from each gay/ gay friendly concert goer then monies from this went to Mitt Romney (anti-gay) & Bain Capital-she fuels-pays the gays enemy & deceives her loyalists while taking their dollars. Her greatest asset has been up-talking the independent art world making it appear as she has some sort of revere or respect for it-only to learn she does no more than pillage the community for new designs, images and words then to regurgitate-alter them just so for her consumer base.
Jan 26, 2013 9:45AM
Congrats to Madonna on scoring two spots on the "Billboard" top tour money-earner board.  She'll continue to be a major concert draw as long as she decides to go out on the road.  Too bad her recording career is currently in a slump, with "MDNA" performing poorly throughout the world.  Still, she's earned a well-deserved rest after slogging around the globe.  And I'm sure she's laughing all the way to the bank at those naysayers who've predicted her early demise as a viable entertainer.  By the way, Elton, she's much more than just a prostitute dressed like a carnival side-show, or however he termed her, though he's as much of a wh**e as Madonna ever was!!! 
Jan 26, 2013 9:32AM


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