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Report: Bunny Wailer blasts Snoop Dogg for new Rastafari persona


Bob Marley's former The Wailers bandmate Bunny Wailer has reportedly taken aim at rapper Snoop Dogg for posing as a member of the Rastafari movement after immersing himself in Jamaican culture last year.

The hip-hop superstar previously revealed he had been anointed Snoop Lion by a Rastafarian priest after experiencing a spiritual awakening while recording his first reggae project, "Reincarnated." He adopted the traditional dress and dreadlocked hair during his time in Jamaica and filmed his transformation for a documentary, also titled "Reincarnated."

Bing: Snoop and reggae

But Wailer is not convinced by Snoop's new lifestyle and he has accused the rapper of the "outright fraudulent use of (the) Rastafari community's personalities and symbolism," according to TMZ.

Members of the Rastafari Millennium Council have also launched a verbal attack on Snoop, demanding he refrain from using the moniker Snoop Lion and apologize for his behavior or face legal action, according to TMZ. They have also fired off a seven-page letter to the marijuana-loving star, insisting that "smoking weed and loving Bob Marley and reggae music is not what defines the Rastafari Indigenous Culture."

Jan 28, 2013 1:19PM
I understand many people simply look at Rastafarians and equate them with dreadlocks and smoking weed, but they're much more than that. The Rastafari movement is actually a spiritual way of life, although they wouldn't call it an organized religion. Rastas believe that Ethiopian ruler Haile Selassie I (who ruled 1930-1974) was a reincarnation of God's son (they refer to God as Jehovah or "Jah") and Ethiopia is Rastafari's Zion. Rastafaris smoke weed because they believe it was found on the grave of King Solomon and is the "chalice" used to reach enlightenment similar to that of King Solomon. So for Snoop Dogg to simply wear dreadlocks, smoke weed and call himself a Rastafarian is a disrespect of what Rastafaris stand for. THAT's why Bunny Wailer is upset, and rightly so. It would be the equivalent of someone who is not confirmed as Catholic going up for Communion. Or someone who doesn't believe in Hindi god Ganesh to wear an elephant head because they think it's "cool". Or for someone to call themselves Buddhist when all they do is close their eyes and breathe for five minutes.
Jan 26, 2013 10:39AM
Who the hell cares WHAT Snoop does. Hes so baked all the time, I doubt he remembers what he does either. Hes past his prime and looking to be relevant again. Wont happen.
Jan 26, 2013 8:19AM

Music, inspiration, things like this are what helps the world be a better place.

the ability to recreate yourself is a skill we all have but those who have the courage

to do it, should be commended.

Bob was about faith, and understanding, anybody that would fashion themselves

after such a man has my respect.

Bob showed us the Rastafari are are about Jah and love, I dont think he would be critical

about how anyone got to the movement.

Jan 26, 2013 7:59AM

This is hilarious!  The things we do????

Jan 26, 2013 12:21AM
**** that, Snoop Dogg is the best and can do whatever the **** he wants!
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