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Tyga sued over video nudity


Rapper Tyga is facing legal action from three women who starred in his video for "Make It Nasty" over allegations they never approved nude shots which featured in the promo.

Alissa Rae Ross, Azia Davis, and Elizabeth Velasquez filed lawsuits on Friday claiming that when they auditioned for their roles in the clip, the casting advert stated there would be no nudity and the video would be "tastefully shot."

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The trio allege that during filming in July they were asked to appear topless in some scenes but were told their nipples would be "covered" or "edited out."

However, the women claim an unedited version of the video appeared in a post on Tyga's Twitter page. They are suing for breach of contract, invasion of privacy and fraud, according to TMZ.

Dec 31, 2012 10:53AM

The teenager in me had to find the vid and watch it... while not tastefull it ain't no big deal. I wouldn't freak if I caught my 14 year old watching it on his laptop. Actually I'd be like "You could listen to Pink Floyd, and you're listening to this?" Anyway, apparently 2 or 3 gals are embarrassed that clips of boobies made it into the video... And the entire video is basically chicks in bras and panties kissing and fondling each other while he continuously droans on about 'make it nasty'... oh, and they clearly knew cameras were rolling.  These aren't candid shots, they are flat out gyrating in front of the camera shots...


All in all... no big deal other than the song is pretty slow. (and as a classic rock type guy, I'm trying to be nice to the people digging Tyga's genre of music...) I think the girls are looking for a little more cash, and some more notoriety!  Sort of a 'any press is good press' situations... hell, it got me to go watch a freaking video I'd have NEVER watched.

Dec 31, 2012 10:22AM
What is wrong with the human body, we all have one, have seen at least one in our lives and will probably see more.  There are a lot more things in this world that are more important than showing off you butt.  Sounds like kindergarten to me.
Dec 31, 2012 9:15AM
If you don't like your naked a** showing up where you don't like it to, don't stand in front of a camera while naked!!! Some people will not survive their own stupidity. I read a quote in a local newspaper once that read- "Human beings and wildlife have one thing in common. The stupid will not survive." Apt words for todays world.
Dec 31, 2012 9:09AM
So they weren't aware that they were nude or being videoed ........... during the video?
Dec 31, 2012 8:55AM
They were asked to take there tops off, and they did, it was there choice, so were does a law suit enter the picture, just say no..............p.s does it really matter if the nipple is showing,pasty or no pasty it still looks the same some are just rounder than others.......
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