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R.E.M.'s End of the World song is a hit again
R.E.M.'s doomsday anthem It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) has been given a big sales boost thanks to last week's (21Dec12) Mayan apocalypse prophecy. The ancient race declared the world would end on 21 December, 2012 - but the date came and went without incident. However, radio station programmers across the U.S. decided to have a little fun with the prediction and filled the airwaves with the disbanded group's 1988 hit. As a result, music fans picked up on the fun and snapped up the track on and other online digital services, swelling downloads from 3,000 the previous week to 19,000 during the 17-23 December sales week. The flood of interest gave R.E.M. another hit - the song re-entered the Rock Digital Songs chart at number 18 and Alternative Digital Songs at 14, according to