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Paul Simon
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Paul Simon sings at Newtown teacher's funeral


Paul Simon paid his respects to a teacher killed during Friday's Connecticut school shooting by performing at her funeral on Wednesday.

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Victoria Soto was one of the six staff members killed at Newtown's Sandy Hook Elementary, where 20 children were also slain by suspected gunman Adam Lanza. Several of the children have already been laid to rest, and on Wednesday, Soto's friends and family gathered in the town of Stratford to remember the 27-year-old teacher.

Simon was among the mourners at the Lordship Community Church, and he stepped up to perform "The Sound of Silence," which was Soto's favorite song. The singer knows the Soto family through his sister-in-law, according to the New York Daily News. Soto was hailed a hero after the shootings when it emerged she died as she attempted to shield her class from the gunman.