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©AP / Alicia Keys
© AP / Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys sued over 'Girl on Fire'


Alicia Keys is facing a legal battle with a songwriter who has accused her of plagiarizing part of her hit single "Girl on Fire."

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Songwriter Earl Shuman, whose music has been performed by stars including Tom Jones and Barbra Streisand, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit in a California federal court last week, accusing the singer of using parts of a track he wrote in 1962, without permission. The song was a chart hit for Eddie Holman in 1970 after he recorded it as "Hey There Lonely Girl," and Shuman claims it was illegally sampled by Keys.

The lawsuit targets Keys as well as the co-writers of the song and her record label, Sony Music Entertainment. The legal documents, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, state, "Plaintiff alleges that Keys ... did not obtain authorization concerning the use of 'Lonely Boy/Girl' before writing, distributing and/or exhibiting 'Girl on Fire' ... Defendants are earning money from the exploitation of 'Girl on Fire' ... without credit, attribution, payment of royalties, or other recognition of Plaintiff's rights."

"Girl on Fire" is the lead single from Keys' album of the same name. The song was released in September.

Dec 18, 2012 2:12PM
when you are involve with someone husband eventhough they may be going through something then you stay out of it and when all is clear then do what you do. Swizz Beatz is so ugly what do she see in him I hope the baby take after her. I read that he owes the IRS well Alicia you need to sell more music to pay his bills.
Dec 18, 2012 2:11PM
Earl Shuman is a has been, and it's unfortunate that he's so desperate for money that he'd file an unjust lawsuit like this.  I know exactly what song he's referring to, and he should be ashamed of himself for accusing Alicia of stealing.   So she needs authorization and his explicit consent to use the phrase "Lonely Girl?"  Ummm. Ok.
Dec 18, 2012 2:07PM
How much talent does she have to have to keep repeating the  same lyrics in that song. The only other worse songs are We never getting back together again by  you know who and that silly song about Your so beautiful and lastly that one about How some idiot will stand in front of a train and put a bullet through his brain for some girl. People actually buy that crap and call it music. Alicia Keys should stick to what she knows and stop making songs that just repeat themselves over and over again. Please Alicia stick to the keyboards or get better songs written that have more then two, lyrics. We understand that you are on fire and we are begging for some one to please put you out quickly.
Dec 18, 2012 2:03PM
Before jumping to ignorant conclusions and showing off amazing bigotry and stupidity, perhaps one should consider that this is a CLAIM  and not a judgment. Anyone can file a lawsuit, and washed up writers sometimes do so to try to profit from current celebrity. Yes, plagiarism does sometimes occur,  Yet more than 99% of these claims are thrown out summarily. What has Shuman written since 1962?  "Sue a star and get paid off" is more likely the game here. So I prefer to wait and see how this plays out before attacking Keys.
Dec 18, 2012 1:49PM
Keys is a thief, never thought she had that much talent either.
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