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Ke$ha's new single taken off-air after Connecticut massacre


Ke$ha's new single "Die Young" has reportedly been removed from radio station playlists across America following the Newtown, Connecticut, shooting where 20 children and six adults were killed Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The gunman, named as 20-year-old Adam Lanza, allegedly killed his own mother before turning the weapon on himself.

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A number of movie premieres have been canceled in the shooting's aftermath, including a screening of Tom Cruise's "Jack Reacher" and Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained." The tragedy now appears to be having an effect on the music industry amid reports that Ke$ha's controversially-titled single "Die Young" has been removed from radio station playlists across the country.

"Die Young" peaked at number three on American radio playlists and reached 167 million listeners before the shooting on Friday, according to, but figures from Mediabase, a company that tracks radio airplay, appear to show the song has suffered a massive drop after being cut from the airwaves. It had reportedly lost 19 million listeners from its target audience by Monday. Ke$ha previously commented on the shooting in a series of posts on her Twitter page, sending her condolences to all the families involved. She wrote, "My heart goes out deeply to the people of Newtown, Connecticut ... It's beyond words what has happened."

Dec 20, 2012 11:16AM
A young country music group had a hit during the summer a couple of years ago called "If I Die Young".  It seems that this generation is preoccupied with death and dying young.  It's sad.  I see so many young people with skull tattoos, eyes that are circled with black shadow so they look like they are dying and a general lack of empathy or connection to their surroundings.  Instead of conversations, they text.  There is a desire to stay disconnected and uninvolved in life. I keep trying to understand what matters to seems that nothing does.  It is heartbreaking. 
Dec 18, 2012 4:14PM
Dec 18, 2012 1:09PM

Kesha's song "Die Young" is about living your life to the fullest because you never know when your last day will be. How does that send a bad message? Besides, no one is "psychic"-no one ever sees death coming so how does censoring the internet, radio etc. change any of that?

Dec 18, 2012 1:09PM
as a mother, I was disgusted with this song from the beginning and don't allow it to be played.  I find it irresponsible for someone who is supposed to be a role model for young girls and boys and sing lyrics about being excited about dying young.  I think the radio stations made a good choice, but then I think it never should have been allowed in the first place.  Call me old but I will stick to my awesome 80's!
Dec 18, 2012 1:00PM
that Ke$ha song: it is that typical "I can say what ever I want to say" without thinking about what is being said and whom I will persuade to do what...yeah, we know poetic license. I've been in music since the early folk music days, played with and are friends with many music success stories and was always conscience of what we were selling. Maybe that song did have an affect; I thought it should have been taken off the market the first time I heard it. It wasn't even quality of drama like Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", it is more like wtf!
Look around the entertainment industry, all violence; show me a video game or a movie with a happy ending like "Seabiscuit" but people have been brain washed/conditioned like Pavlov's dogs to devalue human life and the answer to settle an issue is with violent retribution. The late Billy Preston, whom I knew for a short time, wrote a line in a song "...let the bad guy win every once in a while...''. You must understand as I did then which bad guy did he want to win Hitler, Mao, Edie Amin, Stalin. Some bad guys must be persuaded and most times not with a hug and a let's talk it over.

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