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Metallica's music now available on Spotify

NEW YORK (AP) -- Metallica are bringing their all-out assault to Spotify.

The company announced the move Thursday during a presentation to debut new features in New York.

Metallica had previously declined to stream their music. Fans can now access 30 years of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band's recordings.

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The move is significant for the band. Metallica were among several acts who sued Napster in 2000, eventually forcing a settlement that required Napster to evolve into a pay-for-use service that became something of a model for today's streaming companies.

Drummer Lars Ulrich says in a news release that he and his bandmates have waited a long time to see how the music streaming service model would evolve and that he is "beyond psyched to unleash our music through" Spotify.

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Dec 7, 2012 7:37AM
Poor, poor Metallica. It's hard to write relevant music while living in Million Dollar mansions. You've lost your way. I liked them when they had Cliff, and not saying Jason was bad, just the albums other than "Justice" sucked. They started in progressive metal, then went to bubble gum POP. Bob Rock killed Metallica, IMO. 
Dec 6, 2012 11:41PM
"ME" tallica, it's always been about ME, with sissy boy lars and hetfield. They hypocritically kicked Mustaine out for being drunk, when they were as well, chased Newstead away, and then had that PATHETIC "monster" movie, that made them look like total saps. They have NOT been relevant since AJFA. The Black album was a sell-out. The napster thing WAS ALSO the FINAL STRAW for me as well. There were MANY better ways to go about it, than they did. Mustaine is still putting out good music, these clowns belong in the circus.!!! RIP metallica, circa 1988...
Dec 6, 2012 9:52PM
If they hadnt been such douchebags about the napster thing, i might still be a fan. I understand they were worried about losing money, but the way they handled it turned my stomach. Wasnt as big a deal since they havent put out a good album since justice. Much rather listen to ex metallica members like Dave Mustaine and Jason Newstead than ever hear that troll Lars ever speak in his sweet feminine voice again.
Dec 6, 2012 9:30PM
AMEN to MetalHead313. Metallica totally sold out!!!!!
Dec 6, 2012 9:05PM
Mettalica ceased to be relevant when they became the mouth piece for the RIAA.
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