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Trace Adkins
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Trace Adkins explains Confederate flag earpiece

NEW YORK (AP) -- Trace Adkins wore an earpiece decorated like the Confederate flag when he performed at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony, but says he meant no offense by it.

Adkins appeared with the earpiece on a nationally televised special for the lighting on Wednesday. Some regard the flag as a racist symbol and criticized Adkins in Twitter postings.

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But in a statement released Thursday, the Louisiana native called himself a proud American who objects to any oppression, and says the flag represents his Southern heritage.

He noted he's a descendant of Confederate soldiers, and says he did not intend offense by wearing it.

Adkins -- on a USO tour in Japan -- also called for the preservation of America's battlefields and an "honest conversation about the country's history."

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Nov 30, 2012 5:30PM
The Confederate Flag is a symbol of racism because the liberal media turned it in to one.  It's a convenient label that ties in with their agenda.  In truth, you can find bad things about any nation or government on earth, so all flags should be banned, right?  Wrong!  Sorry, but if Adkins wants to show he's proud of being from the South, I have no problem with that.  Now, if he put the Confederate flag earring in one ear, and a noose earring or a KKK earring in the other - OK, then he just might be a racist.  But... he didn't do that, now did he?
Nov 30, 2012 5:25PM
There are just too many thin skinned people out there that can't see beyond discrimination. That's it. Period! If you live in fear of being offended by what someone says or does then you'll always, always look for that little word that puts the spin on your racist thought process. For us all to go beyond the past, start from today's today. Go forward and think of everyone as Haze Grey. Don't be so thin skinned or squishy. You set yourself up for someone to use those words to hurt the inner you that dwells in the past. You know you're special. You know you're loved. You know the GOOD is there you dream it every night, you wish for it, you educated yourself to succeed, you aren't made of the oppressed mold from a factory of hate, you're an individual. So I've ranted beyond what the topic is about the confederate flag, it's a symbol of American History. This was a great piece of time folks, it pitted family against family, neighbors against neighbors. But in the long run the country was better for it.
Nov 30, 2012 5:21PM
What would be your first thought ,as a southern born white person, seeing a black person wearing a rebel flag. Also direcected to northern born whites, and all blacks and others as well as well.
Nov 30, 2012 5:21PM
Typical of the moronic southern mentality.  The cornfederate flag is a joke and people that fly it, wear it or decorate their pickup trucks with it are juist ignorant fools that don't have a clue.  
Nov 30, 2012 5:07PM

Ahh The race card being played againnnn really people US history is not perfect but come on. Do some research into slavery over the last few 1000 yrs. Color of ones skin makes one a slave umm no there have been black, white and asian slaves just to name a few. Also Africans sold Africans to slave traders do the research and last thing i cant stand racism and the double standards it can have.


Like why is it ok for a person of black descent to call another person of same descent .

But If a person of white descent does it he is a racist the word mean the same thing. No matter what the skin color. Race among other things is a tool for controlling  people. There are warlords all over the world that will and are  in slaving their own race as well as any other that stops the march to power.


A flag, A sign you name can have the meaning we put on it. So if i say or show you a Swastika most people will think Hitler or nazism and the things he and his followers did. People should really research Hitler and that movement. His twisted truths and lies mixed with his and a couple others gift of charismatic speaking, Turned normal everyday citizens into raving mad man and woman that killed millions. Yes this still happens dont fool yourself. 


 So If you saw someone with a Swastika tattoo what do you think? Now the only problem with That is the  symbol has been around a very long time it predates Hitler by a long shot. And to those people it meant a totally different thing. The phase perception is realty is not true ones perception can also be a lie we tell one another.

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