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Trace Adkins
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Trace Adkins explains Confederate flag earpiece

NEW YORK (AP) -- Trace Adkins wore an earpiece decorated like the Confederate flag when he performed at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony, but says he meant no offense by it.

Adkins appeared with the earpiece on a nationally televised special for the lighting on Wednesday. Some regard the flag as a racist symbol and criticized Adkins in Twitter postings.

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But in a statement released Thursday, the Louisiana native called himself a proud American who objects to any oppression, and says the flag represents his Southern heritage.

He noted he's a descendant of Confederate soldiers, and says he did not intend offense by wearing it.

Adkins -- on a USO tour in Japan -- also called for the preservation of America's battlefields and an "honest conversation about the country's history."

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Nov 30, 2012 11:54AM

Not from the south, but if I was a Northerner  I would like for people to check out the reasons for the civil war.  Probably the first check out would be why the northern mills had to pay more for cotton than they wanted. The answer was of course that England paid a higher price for it. Secondly with succession of certain states, the northern states were sending troops into the south which didn't set well with the southern states. Northern business people instigated the war (sounds like our military/industrial complex) by leaning on Lincoln. I believe Lee was Commandant of West Point and the future president of the South was our country's Secretary of State, so all rebels weren't red-necks. All northerners were not in favor of the war either.  Severe draft riots broke out in major cities of the north.  One in particular was in New York City. Basically, the racial issue was not the main problem.


Nov 30, 2012 11:53AM
People need to grow up and stop trying to turn nothing into something all the time.  Trace shouldn't have to explain why he wore the earring because it is what it is.  This is America, Land of the Free and the Brave!
Nov 30, 2012 11:51AM
Im so sick of people jumping at the chance to play the race card just to get attention.It's one country anymore UNLESS someone looks for a reason to be divisive.To everyone that displays a rebel flag anymore it's just like the man said.It's his heritage.The Civil War and slavery is long gone and over.MOVE ON! Since the rebel flag is offensive because southerners owned slaves shouldn't traditional African dress be as well?After all it was African slave traders that sold their own kind to be sent to America. Funny how that never gets mentioned.
Nov 30, 2012 11:51AM
Ohhhh My God,did he dare make a statement for what he believes.when will all you whining sniveling idiots realize this is what this country is about ...FREEdom of choice,find something to worry about that means something like the rights of the constitution being taken away ohhhhh sorry you are the ones trying to take them my mistake
Nov 30, 2012 11:49AM

An Hispanic, a Jew, and a Black man are at a bar when all of a sudden 2 bald white guys come in. One wearing the nazi symbol on his shirt and the other with a confederate flag on his shirt. Who do they kill first...Could not tell once their shirts were off because they were both identical to their bald head.

Kill them first or be killed. Remember what Hitler did and will do to anyone.

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