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©AP/ Cher
© AP/ Cher
Cher forced to release new song early after leak


Cher has rush-released her new single after it was leaked online at the beginning of the week.

The pop superstar had hoped to take her time to record a video for "Woman's World" before releasing the tune, but a snippet of the song appeared on the Internet last month, and the full track emerged online late on Wednesday, forcing her to change her plans.

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Posting the release news on Wednesday, Cher wrote, "We thought we had time, but it started popping all over the world!"

The track is the first release from Cher's first studio album since 2001. It features songs written for her by Pink and Lady Gaga.

Dec 5, 2012 5:32PM

I would love to sit and chat but, you guys aren't worth two dead flies. So, STFU and go listen to CHER.

I'm sure you guys will sit there, listen to Cher and eat. Because your picture looks like you have eaten

everything that didn't eat you guys first. PLUMPY ONES!!  BOOHOO someone doesn't like Cher. You guys have way to much time to kill. You might want to sweat to the oldies. Oldies meaning CHER.

So get over it. Go to the gym, go for a run.  FREAKS!!!  

Nov 28, 2012 6:41PM

I want to be sure my 2 comments go to MUZAK LUVER. And any other people that made a comment

about Cher, and my dislike for her. I have to go, I have better things to do than talk about Cher.

       So, C-YA

Nov 28, 2012 6:23PM

I want it to be clear that my comment i just posted is for the two people that got their panties in

a bunch about my post i wrote about Cher.  It seems as though a few people can't handle hearing

another person thoughts and comments, even though these people wrote comments them selves. These

people need to realize that everyone thinks different..It's called an opinion, everyone has them. I just

wanted to make that clear to these couple of people..  I didn't mind them leaving a comment for me. It's

just another day. NO BIG DEAL.   C-YA

Nov 28, 2012 6:05PM

What ever happened to free speech. If you can't handle replies well then maybe you should stick to TV.

If you make a comment be ready to read a reply.  I don't like Cher, i don't have to like cher and there

isn't a f***ing thing you can do about it. So STFU..  I could have said something MUCH worse. Just because i said i don't like her and that i didn't think her music could actually be called music is MY call and MINE only. I am an american, over 18 years of age and there for i can say what ever i want.  So if your feelings were hurt or my comment pissed you off,........... Well TO BAD!      

So, have a great day and a great new year.  One more thing, you might want to look into anger management classes. Just a thought........ Oh, by the way, i still don't like Cher.

                                                               BY NOW.....

Nov 25, 2012 10:46AM

No matter how much you want to support her... gotta admit... she just looks funny with all that plumper stuff in her face.

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