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Jay-Z, opening for Obama, puts Romney in lyrics

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Jay-Z has a fix for his lyrics that meets parental guidance requirements -- and President Barack Obama's approval.

The rapper and producer performed his hit "99 Problems" as he and Bruce Springsteen opened for an Obama rally in Columbus, Ohio. He changed a key word that rhymes with "witch" to make his own political endorsement. He sang: "I got 99 problems but Mitt ain't one."

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Springsteen performed first, as he did earlier Monday in Madison, Wis.

Jay-Z said Obama asked him if he would join him and Springsteen at a rally.

He says he replied: "Michelle is coming?" The first lady won't join her husband until later Monday in Des Moines, Iowa.

Obama assured the crowd that both performers are on his iPod.

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Nov 5, 2012 10:41PM
Where is all the females complaining how Jay-Z refers to woman as a B****? That's not important bet Romney and a binder comment was outrageous? what am I missing?

Maybe he really wanted to sing, The USA has 99 problems & Obama is one.
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