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Courtney Love
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Courtney Love dismisses Kurt Cobain musical rumors


Courtney Love has dismissed reports that she is writing a musical based on her late husband Kurt Cobain's rise to fame.

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Britney Spears' former manager Sam Lutfi claimed last month that he was collaborating with the former Hole singer on a potential stage show about the grunge star's life, his work with Nirvana and their marriage. Lutfi alleged the pair was hoping to take the production to Broadway or convince Hollywood producers to turn it into a movie, but Love has shot down his claims.

She tells Britain's Observer newspaper, "There will be no musical. Sometimes it's best just to leave things alone." Love insists she is against exploiting Cobain's legacy, adding, "I said yes once -- to Baz Luhrmann to use eight seconds of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in "Moulin Rouge." But he wasn't allowed to use it in the marketing."

Nov 5, 2012 10:41AM
Courtney Love is a #*^#%ing! maggot.

Every time I see this b!tch's face my blood boils.  She had so much to gain through Kurt's murder.  She got double what she would have if the divorce would have gone through first.  She ended up getting all of the publishing rights to Nirvana's music  and since has sold off portions for crack, I presume.  Kurt's murder made her a multimillionaire.

  There is so much more evidence that points to murder than to suicide.  I'm pretty sure dead people can't wipe fingerprints off shotguns, or write their last lines of a suicide note in someone else's handwriting, or blast a very large amount of heroine and put the needle away nice and neat in a box before using a shotgun.  A guy (the worthless scum El Duce) claimed that Courtney offered him $50,000 to kill Kurt, and was "accidentaly" hit by a train a couple weeks later.  Kurt did not kill himself.  Regardless of whether or not is was set up by the Queen of the Crack Wh0res, he was murdered by someone. 
Nov 5, 2012 10:38AM
Thank God. I hate Courtney Love a little less now.
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