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Stevie Wonder
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Stevie Wonder stages surprise street show to support Barack Obama


Stevie Wonder staged a surprise show in Ohio on Sunday to rally support for President Barack Obama, ahead of Tuesday's election.

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The soul legend sang at a small street concert in Cleveland just two days before Americans go to the polls, and addressed residents near the busy Cuyahoga County early voting site. According to The Washington Post, Wonder said, "I would like you to commit to me one thing. I do a song. You go vote. Can we do that?"

Wonder then performed at a packed rally for the president in Cincinnati, and called on the 15,500-strong crowd to back Obama, declaring, "It's time for us to truly come together and make a difference." The president thanked Wonder for his support, telling his audience, "There may be some folks who are still undecided, just decided you wanted to hear Stevie. I can't argue with that. But for those of you -- or your friends or your neighbors -- who are still trying to make up their minds, this is not just a choice between two candidates or two parties. It's a choice between two different visions of America."