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©AP/ Pete Townshend
© AP/ Pete Townshend
The Who's Pete Townshend walks off stage during encore


Rocker Pete Townshend's hearing problems wrecked the opening night of The Who's first North American tour in four years in Florida on Thursday -- the guitar great marched offstage during the encore.

Search: What does Townshend blame his hearing woes on?

Townshend appeared to be far from happy with the sound and simply walked off without notice in the middle of a rendition of "You Better You Bet."

Fans heard him yelling "too loud" while pointing at monitors onstage before walking off, and he didn't return to wrap up the gig with "Baba O'Riley," which bandmate Roger Daltrey and the rest of the group, including Townshend's brother Simon, performed without the guitarist.

Simon Townshend took to after the show and wrote, "Pete walked off tonight because it was too loud. Was a good show but had some technical problems."

Nov 5, 2012 2:31AM
Poor guy.  I think he should start looking for something else to do now.  He's acknowledged for years now that his hearing was going bad, why prolong the inevitable?  On second thought, I wonder if one of those cochlear  implants would help.  Just a thought.
Nov 4, 2012 9:26PM
You would think with all the technology out there that they could push the volume out above from the band into the crowd. It comes to a point where one must retire to acoustic melo  mode of music.
Nov 4, 2012 8:59PM
Pete's had some serious problems with his hearing including tinnitis with moderate to major pain. To him it probably feels like somebody sticking knives or pins into his ears.  Can you imagine having a loud squealing noise in your ears for weeks on end? How about years? He's a great guitarist and is no wimp. The problems I think have been attributed to too much loud music during his youth which is now a degenerative condition. This is no surprise. A lot of musicians, including violinists, keep cotton in their ears to protect their hearing. Many musicians have gone deaf. Still I'd think he could wear some hearing protection on stage.
Nov 4, 2012 6:16PM
Hmmm...he must've had more "research" to do backstage. Dirty Kid Fiddler.
Nov 4, 2012 5:43PM
josepus48 must be one of those idiots who doesn't know real music from canned.  He probably goes to concerts and holds his cell phone up to film and record it, because for him it's more about showing other twits like himself that he was there, instead of being in the moment and actually listening at the time.
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