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Elton John unveils footage of John Lennon duet


Elton John has unveiled extraordinary footage of his famous onstage performance with John Lennon in New York in 1974.

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The painstakingly restored film, shot by a fan, is the only known color footage of the occasion on Nov. 29, 1974, when the former Beatles rocker was the musical guest at John's concert at Madison Square Garden, which turned out to be Lennon's final stage performance.

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The unique film of the two musicians will accompany John's performance of "Empty Garden" during his Million Dollar Piano shows in Las Vegas. Mary Ann Summers, who recorded the footage, tells, "When Elton began his introduction of John, we were all 'Yes! Yes! Yes!!' It was for real! We got up on our seats, a precarious position when you're dancing and jumping for joy! ... When they finished off with 'I Saw Her Standing There' -- I simply can't describe the atmosphere -- 20,000 people in a place of pure happiness."

Oct 15, 2012 8:00PM
I attended that concert by accident. My buddy couldn't go because of a death in the family, so he gave me the tickets. I had only recently been to another Elton concert, so I hesitated at first, but finally took the tickets. He had tenth row on the floor. The concert was as usual, great with Elton playing so many of hit's, but, Elton had stopped the show, and mad a short speech about how it was the holidays, and in keeping with the holiday spirit, he wanted to bring a friend out to join him on stage, and out walked my hero onto the stage less then 30 ft away. I damn near soiled myself. John Lennon was the musical God to me back then, so when he came out dressed all in black, it was like my Christmas had come early. They did 4 or five songs together, with John saying that they where going to do a song that he used to do with a somebody else,, an old love affair he once had ( not saying it was McCartney purposely), and they (Elton & Lennon) started right into 'I saw her standing there' They went on to also play What ever get's you through the Night along with two other songs. I went to see every major tour to come to New York through out the 70's including Zeppelin, Floyd, ELP, Dead, Skynard, Tull, YES ect......but not one of those shows could come close to the magic in the Garden that Thanksgiving night. I felt this way for many years, until I found out something that to this day makes me ill about that night. From where I was sitting that night, another 10-15 rows behind me, little did I know, was sitting the reason that John Lennon isn't here with us today, Mark David Chapman was in attendance that night, right behind me. Sorry! I had my chance, but I blew it! Big Time!!! 

It is obvious people care about what other people do with whatever but as for me I enjoyed Elton John then and John Lennon with / without the Beatles but as my memory serves me I was into drinking and drugs while listening to them and spending money buying their music making them rich, wish I had listened more to the ones who were trying to direct me in a different path then these lost souls. The past is the past., LET THE DEAD BURY THEIR OWN.

Oct 15, 2012 5:44PM

It’s the way MSN rolls: ALL sizzle and NO steak. Not unlike the "10 Mysteries' of World War II” the other day. Clicked on it and that 'feature' was simply text of the questions or mysteries over still shots, short grainy film sequences, and the ever-so-popular flash frames that nearly prompted epileptic seizures! That...and dramatic Wagner-ish orchestral hits, was it! Most of the stories I have viewed on MSN are treated like a trailer (tease) for something of substance coming later (?) as were purported to be by the lead or slug (title) of the story: "Ten Mysterys of World War II." I believe they (MSN) believe we are ADHD (?) and our attention spans are down to three seconds from five. Don't get me started on the scroll of 'top stories' which is timed to change the exact moment you become engaged in reading. So some would argue it has served its purpose and prompted me to click on the "back" button. I maintain 90% of the stories are pabulum (sp?)  for the brain that exists only to pay the salaries of middle and upper management for a company that is ultimately owned by uber capitalists. Thank the Lord their agenda is clearly financial via "clicks" and "hits" unlike a few 'gatekeepers whose just thinly veiled political agenda has blown way beyond disingenuous into blatant lies and misrepresentation to support the political aspirations of know who. Sorry to ramble-I just highly recommend anyone to use no less than five news/entertainment outlets. Yes, anonymous, the article is..."crap." As are 97% of this quasi-news outlets stories and videos. I worked for over a decade as a reporter at a middle of the pack market and believe I know when someone needs to fill some white space. Filler is filler, in this case, it’s worse in my opinion…it’s fluff filler. One could suffer the rewording of the same information over and over if there had been some video…something! More people love John Lennon than even know that MSN exists. Elton has a few catchy tunes for sure. (just kidding-a music icon as well) Most importantly, we ALL deserved better than this. Stop phoning it in MSN-there are far too many options for our “enquiring minds.”

Oct 15, 2012 5:32PM
Yea, whats up with this no goods yap yap crap .
Oct 15, 2012 5:16PM
The recording of Lennon onstage that night has been around for years. I believe that it is on Elton's "Here and There" album. Listen to "I Saw Her Standing There" at max volume to get an idea of the electricity in MSG that night. Can't wait to see the video.
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