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Lil Wayne
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Lil Wayne talks 'awesome' Drake-Aaliyah project

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Lil Wayne thinks the late Aaliyah's music is better than a lot of music out today, and he's confident that Drake's plan to produce unreleased Aaliyah songs will be an "awesome collaboration."

Drake, a huge Aaliyah fan, has announced that he is working on a posthumous album of Aaliyah music, and he's already released the song "Enough Said" featuring himself and the singer, who was killed in a plane crash in 2001.

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Some people who were close to Aaliyah have not expressed support for the album. Missy Elliott and Timbaland, who produced most of Aaliyah's music, are not involved, and DMX, who co-starred with Aaliyah in the movie "Romeo Must Die" and recorded a song with her, has been critical of the project.

Lil Wayne said he hasn't heard any negative feedback, and added that when he first heard that his Young Money protégé was a part of the project, his first thought was: "Good move."

"Everybody knows what Aaliyah did and done for music and culture, period, and it's always good to do that, for not only for people like that, just for her fans -- you know what I mean?" he said in a recent interview. "Drake's a very thoughtful person. Everyone knows that. It's an awesome collaboration."

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Lil Wayne said Aaliyah's music has also stood the test of time.

"Her music is still awesome. It's still better than a lot of music out right now," he said.

As far as his own music, Lil Wayne, who's last official album was last year's "Tha Carter IV," said it's harder and harder to come up with new things to say. The 30-year-old has been rapping since he was a teen.

"I've said everything in every situation in every way, so it's almost interesting to go into the studio and find new things to talk about and new ways to talk about them and hear it back and say, 'Wow, you figured it out again,'" he said.

Oct 8, 2012 2:39PM
No! Don't do it. Drake go back to Canada, Wayne go somewhere, don't care where you go, just get there and stay. We'll let you know when you can come back. Remember, don't contact us, we'll contact you.

If Aaaliyah had unreleased songs recorded, and they needed to be mastered then kool!

But having wack a** drake singing n rapping on them would just pretty much bury Aaliyah's legacy.........Drake is wack!

Oct 8, 2012 12:36PM

apparently he has no clue what awesome is...

because it's not this "collaboration" Enough Said....because it SUCKS...

it be hundred times better without drake "rapping" in it....


why can't these so-called "rappers" (singers)...leave the dead alone and stop trying to hone in their songs....

i have nothing against releasing unheard music that artists leave behind....but all these "rappers" are doing is RUINING good music....

Oct 8, 2012 11:50AM
Dat foo' wouldn't know good music if it Glocked him upside da head!
Oct 8, 2012 10:44AM
LiL Wayne and Drake working on an Aaliyah project o_O Sigh.....why?
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