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© AP / Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse's ashes buried


Amy Winehouse's family and friends gathered on Sunday to bid a final farewell to the tragic star, two days after what would have been her 29th birthday.

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Winehouse's father Mitch paid tribute to the singer's "short but dynamic" life in a Jewish ceremony where her headstone was unveiled. The black gravestone, featuring pink writing and an engraving of a songbird, also pays tribute to Winehouse's paternal grandmother Cynthia.

Around 70 mourners gathered in Edgware, North London as her ashes were buried next to the memorial.

Mitch took to to tell followers about the service, writing, "Today we consecrated the memorial stone for Amy and my mother. It was an emotional and joyous day."

Sep 18, 2012 3:19PM
Sep 18, 2012 9:36AM
Here's another thing, without her there wouldn't be no Adele or Lana Del Rey. Most of the artists that come out right now we're inspired by her, she created a new music movement for this time period. She was probably the only honest musician out there of this time period, she was honest about her demons, she even wrote songs about them, that's something no other full of sh!t artist could do, instead what do they write about "parties, the pleasure of doing drugs, h oes, etc.", her songs were about how she did the drugs because she was troubled and she did wish to stop but she couldn't find happiness in this life. She was the only artist that's done that, she mixed the old with the new, look at all the other singers who try to do what she did, they try to do their hair in vintage style, try to wear the vintage clothes, but they can't do it the way she did, she was a true artist and had a true artist soul, she died at 27 just like all the other true musicians did so you haters out there need to stfu and think before you even comment on her life.
Sep 18, 2012 8:19AM

there is no real talent today. you either make it big now a days by making a sex tape,   or get on some fakeass talent show, or a reality show to send you to stardom.  Have not seen true un atuotuned talent in at leat 20 years or even more.  The world should base a persons talent on just that, TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Folks not everyone is made to be star, and most of the celebrites we as fans have help make stars, because we buy their movies listen to their music wear their cloths ect... do you honesyly think those stuck up wannabees even care that we as people pretty much pay their bills by taking intreest in them?? Of course not, they could careless. When is the last time they thanked you for your contrabution to their succsess? id like to hear the musical portion of celebs sing natural un touched no stodio help see who really has talent or who is just riding athe autotund pony......  lets face folks, not everyone is ment to be a star. especially you reality show people, you dont deserve an award for being follwed around with cameras and doing absoluty NOTHING!!!!



Razzmoo- Jimmy Hendrix- a one hit wonder?  I 'm guessing you have no idea of his background or music.  Well he did OD like Winehouse but thats it. Go back in time my friend and you'll be pleasently surprised by what a real talent we lost

Sep 18, 2012 7:32AM
Amy is another perfectly tragic example of the failure of family. The families of some celebrities get rich, while their talented relative spirals downward.
The Jacksons - A bunch of mercenary trolls scrambling for their brother's fortune while climbing over his young children, after they watched him become ever more disturbed, partly due to their dysfunctional family life and an abusive father.
Britney Spears - A child's mind in a woman's body. Her family has gotten rich from her career, starting in her teens. Not given the coping mechanisms of an adult due to her stunted development as an adult because all her time was spent becoming a "star," she eventually melted down. Now she has two children she cannot raise properly herself, who are also destined to miss the nurturing and teaching of a mature adult and have their own shakey future in the balance.
It's in vogue to insult the notion of traditional values or families, however I often wonder if those who had such difficulties do not eventually learn to see the value of the hard earned lessons of society? At some point, if they survive, don't the offspring of new age families and values look back after gaining some hard earned experience and eventually say, "I could have benifited from a normal childhood and caring, responsible parents?" If not, you think THEIR children could see the deficits their family has and not wonder if the alternate lifestyle is really THAT much of an improvement over traditional families and values?
I guess I shouldn't worry. Rather than feel sorry for the pitiful wrecks of the new age, I guess I should celebrate the decline of western civilization happily? After all, someone has to provide the train wrecks for all of us to stare at? (Somehow I'd rather people be happy and healthy - evil, traditional, non-sympathetic me...)
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