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Usher caught up in legal battle over hit track


Usher is facing a legal battle with a group of songwriters who allege the R&B star copied their music for his hit 2004 track "Caught Up."

Zacharia L. Edwards, Mitch Moses and Vince McLean filed a lawsuit on Friday at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, accusing Usher and producers at Arista Records lof copyright infringement.

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The trio claims Usher's song is very similar to their own track, which they allegedly played to Michael Barackman, senior director of A&R at Arista Records, in 2002, according to

The lawsuit states, "An ordinary lay observer could listen to the two musical compositions at issue, and given the theme, melody, hook, lyrics and chorus, reasonably find that the two songs are substantially similar and that and a friend and infringement has occurred."

The trio is seeking an undetermined amount of damages.

He used his wealth to take his child away from his mother. Usher was wrong for that, knowing that woman had just buried her child. That was just cold. How low can you go???
Sep 10, 2012 8:01AM

I should apply for a writing position at msn. Seems they dont do any proofing. I can write just as good or better than the knucklehead who decided to publish this story. As long as you have it spelled right you dont need to worry about the content of the piece.

Sep 10, 2012 7:48AM
Really? something seems fishy, that song was released in 2004 (I remember the day!) if you were so angry about it you would have filed right then and there, but INSTEAD you waited for him to make 8 years worth of chart topping #1 hits and THEN you file suit. Something's fishy....wish the world didn't revolve around money. I truly believe that the accusers intentionally waited until Usher was "worth more" so they could try and suck more money from him. Either way the case goes, no one can deny that Usher is one of the best R&B artists/singers EVER. Keep your head up Usher!!!!!
Sep 10, 2012 6:54AM
record companies today are stealing other artists songs.  copyright infringement is going up.  if an artist sings an established song, the WRITER(S) of that song, not the singer, is to be paid for the use of that song. 
as great as whitney houston was - and we all can agree on that  - she wrote very few of her hits.  the writers made most of the money after she sang said writers songs.   its called COPYRIGHT LAWS
Sep 10, 2012 1:05AM
And its taken them 8 years to file suit?  Really?  For some obscur song riff that sort fo sounds similar to something they submitted in 2002?  Really?  Dudes, get a life.
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