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©Retna/ Al Jourgensen
© Retna/ Al Jourgensen
Ministry cancels show after singer collapses on stage

Rockers Ministry were forced to ax their gig in France on Saturday after frontman Al Jourgensen collapsed on stage.

The band was performing at the Bataclan in Paris when singer Jourgensen fainted. The group pulled the plug on the show as the musician was taken to the hospital for an examination, and now the band's management team has revealed Jourgensen was suffering from exhaustion and dehydration.

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A statement reads, "[On Saturday] July 28, 2012 [in] Paris [France at] 9:05 p.m. MINISTRY frontman Al Jourgensen collapsed onstage during the live MINISTRY performance and was rushed to hospital via ambulance where he was examined by numerous physicians and diagnosed to have had a full-system collapse due to extreme dehydration and heat exhaustion intensified by the lack of ventilation on stage at the venue.

"Doctors confirm via blood tests conducted that Jourgensen's alcohol blood levels were well below normal and no narcotics were found in his system... Jourgensen extends his most sincere apologies to his devoted Parisian fans who displayed so much love, respect and concern for him before and after the MINISTRY show."

The rocker has previously battled drug problems.

The group has since been forced to cancel its Sunday night appearance at the Rock En Stock festival in Etaples so the frontman can recuperate. He will also receive further medical treatment in Switzerland.

Jourgensen has battled severe health issues in the past -- since 2010 he has undergone a blood transfusion, suffered a seizure, and underwent an operation for a burst intestinal ulcer.

Jul 29, 2012 11:29PM
Oh, I thought 'ministry' referred to a religious revival.  Sorry -   But my comments still stay -- when a singer (especially one that looks so creepy)  collapses on stage it is usually a drug or alcohol problem.
Jul 29, 2012 11:27PM
Yes when a celerity collapses on stage it is called exhaustion.  But it is usually drug induced.  And when the singer looks like that -- I'm sorry -- it is usually drugs.   Why would a 'ministry' want a drug addict to be a role model, which I am assuming is the reason for a singer on a ministtry. 
Jul 29, 2012 11:25PM

@Died a Hero 'I mean, who wants to be The Who, or The Rolling Stones?'


Me. Either one will work. I'm not picky. Dude, who wants to be one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time with numerous top hits and platinum albums?  No brainer. lol

Jul 29, 2012 10:32PM
Jul 29, 2012 10:31PM
"a full-system collapse due to extreme dehydration and heat exhaustion intensified by the lack of ventilation on stage at the venue,"

Commonly referred to as "an Overdose." Lifelong Junkie Douchebag collapses, big mystery?

See also: "River, cry me"

Can he undergo an operation to do something about his crappy songs? That would be awesome.
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