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Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me" Video To Feature Actor Michael Madsen

By Robbie Daw

©Ben Watts
Justin Bieber (©Ben Watts)

"Sin City" actor Michael Madsen has featured in films, TV shows, video games and, yes, even music videos. (You didn t forget his creepy turn in Sky Ferreira's "Obsession" did you?) So should we be surprised to find that Mr. Blonde (go rent "Reservoir Dogs," kiddies -- er, if you're 18 or over, that is) has made his way into Justin Bieber's forthcoming "As Long As You Love Me" video?

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"Should we show a minute snip of #ALAYLM short film on America's got talent this wed then release the video friday or next monday? should we," Bieber tweeted recently, before adding, "and yes Michael Madsen is in the #AsLongAsYouLoveMe short film." Suddenly JB's bloodied face in this pic from the set of "As Long As You Love Me" is starting to make sense. The clip will also star rapper Big Sean, who performed with Justin at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday.


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