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©AP/ Madonna
© AP/ Madonna
Madonna defies police, takes guns onstage during Scotland show


Madonna ignored pleas to tone down her MDNA show at a concert in Scotland on Saturday and brandished a machine gun and pistol onstage.

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Police officials advised the pop superstar not to include images of firearms and weapons themselves during the Murrayfield Stadium gig in Edinburgh in the wake of the Colorado cinema massacre on Friday.

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But she defied the local authorities and hit the stage with pistols and an AK47 assault rifle -- as she has at all the shows on her MDNA tour.

A spokeswoman for the Mothers Against Guns organization tells local newspaper the Daily Record, "Madonna and her dancers using replica guns was always in bad taste but given what happened in Colorado it is even worse. She should know better."

Meanwhile, fans arriving early at the stadium caught the Material Girl and her band completing rehearsals onstage.

The pop star told the surprised concertgoers, "I'm just running through some songs early."

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Jul 27, 2012 1:35PM
Just because some retard in Colorado goes crazy doesn't end the world. It should wake up some of these dead beat parents that raise their kids to turn out like a monster and thats just my opinion. I am not judging. But i am not changing my ways and madonna or anyone else who owns a gun or toy gun in this case has to either. This is ridiculus. Talk about something positive once in awhile...Geeeez
Jul 26, 2012 6:38PM
Ok, they're worried about Madonna having guns on stage...why?  Were they loaded?  No?  Then what's the problem?    It's not like there aren't guns blazing in every video game and on every TV and movie screen in the U.S.   As for Colorado, while that tragic situation has my full sympathy, if you're going to expect Madonna to lay down her guns, there best not be a film, movie or game released within the next few months that has a gun in it for the same reasoning.  

You can dog her till Armageddon comes, but she's laughing in your face.  Her absolute success and fans all over the globe say it all.  

Rock on, Madonna.  <3
Jul 24, 2012 3:51PM
"Bad taste?" When has Madonna ever been tasteful?
Jul 24, 2012 3:13PM
Guys, if you check my history of comments, I have criticized Madonna plenty, and those promoting her. But even as a critic, and a heterosexual man that decidedly has sided with Elton John, as musicians are concerned, I have to admit this. 
Envy is a powerful thing. It drives too much of the criticism surrounding her. 
One thing you cannot claim about Madonna is that she is a failure. She has been and continues to be a huge success; whatever you think about her musical abilities, no complete idiot could play the game well as she to get where she did. Super Bowl performer? +50 cabaret act for the masses, and still germane enough to do the very last Super Bowl act in history as of 2013? It is even more amazing that despite having the amount of talent many people claim she has, which is very little, she is every bit successful as pop star Paul McCartney, and the Beatles. Even more unbelievable is that unlike others that use eroticism to promote themselves, she still has a career thriving after the tender age of 50, still featuring, not only the eroticism of others, but her own. Millions of housewives, widows, and spinsters her age, only gawk, curse, and hurl insults, jealously. What is wrong with you, woman? 
She had the smarts to take MTV in gestation, and run with it, when it was unpopular. She almost single-handedly created the platform that launched "The Real World," beginning the whole reality TV show genre. Paid her dues. 
Her show is not easy to put together. Found an entourage willing to support her with it. Whose pockets are getting lined with it? None more than the beatch herself. Speaking of spinster, because of her, hardly anyone notices single women over 30 anymore. Madonna created the age where there is no stigma for the single adult woman, not Sarah Jessica Parker. Marilyn Monroe killed herself at 36. Madonna, perhaps, with less charisma, lives far beyond that age, as, a sex symbol. Though she is not the only factor, she legitimized social inclusion of spinsters, from outcasts, to trend-setters. So many other women failed in this respect. All while the younger, better singing Mariah, like Elton John, dancing nincompoop, sells out to TV talent shows to salvage her career.
A lot of the older women criticizing her should be ashamed of themselves. She has done too much for the female in Western society to do so. 
Jul 24, 2012 12:40PM
Madonna needs to grow up!  She seems to forget that she has a very impretionable teenage daughter and Son.  Since her break-thru in the 80s, she seems to get by with her defiance-that's it.  She's got a talent for reinventing herself, you gotta give her that.  It's not like she can actually sing.  She never has.  Doesn't matter how much singing lessons you get....if it's not there, it's not there; ie....Brittany Spears.  The addiction to fame and the spot-light.....can't seem to break away.  Please do, Madonna.
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