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Axl Rose
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Axl Rose apologizes to Cleveland for Hall of Fame snub

By Andy Greene 

Axl Rose has written another letter to fans explaining his decision to not attend the Guns N' Roses Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony and apologizing to the city of Cleveland for the snub. Last week, Axl wrote a long letter in which he said he declined his induction into the Hall of Fame. The group performed with Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy, and the Cleveland crowd booed every time Axl's name was mentioned during the ceremony.

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This new letter ends with a request for the media to run the letter in full, so we'll do just that:

To: Cleveland, Ohio, Guns N' Roses Fans and everyone who's shown support for my decision regarding the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

I seriously didn't plan on or expect the overwhelmingly positive response and public support for my decision regarding the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. With such a generous outpouring of solidarity from fans, media outlets, writers and other artists, I'm truly humbled, blown away and unbelievably relieved! To be honest, I thought it would go the other way and was just hoping to weather the storm. As I said, I sincerely didn't want to disappoint anyone. It gets old being the outlaw even if "it's only rock and roll".

It took a lot of focus and soul searching to be sincere and informative while making a genuine effort to be somewhat diplomatic. We made, what I feel, are real efforts to learn about the Hall and the Board, spoke as I said with the president and various members, and though I inducted Elton John and Bernie Taupin in '94 saying something to the effect of "I'm learning what the Hall's about..."

I still don't exactly know or understand what the Hall is or how or why it makes money, where the money goes, who chooses the voters and why anyone or this board decides who, out of all the artists in the world that have contributed to this genre, officially "rock" enough to be in the Hall?

This isn't an attack. These are genuine issues I don't have enough verified information on to have more than rough ideas. Certainly not enough information to make any judgments about.

I would like to apologize to Cleveland, Ohio for not apologizing to them beforehand for not attending [the ceremony] in their city. I think they know how much I genuinely love performing there. Cleveland does in fact Rock!!

Now that the smoke's cleared a little, any desperate, misguided attacks have been just that, a pathetic stab at gossip, some lame vindictiveness, the usual entitlement crap, he's obsessed, crazy, volatile, a hater. I once bought a homeless woman a slice of pizza who yelled at me she wanted soup. We got her the soup. You can get your own.

Again: HUGE thanks to the fans and to everyone for the incredible public support. My congratulations to the other artists inducted. And my apologies to the city and people of Cleveland, Ohio. I hope you'll forgive me and we hope to see you again soon!

Keep Rockin',


Unlike my open letter to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Guns N' Roses Fans and Whom It May Concern this was written for GNR's official website, Facebook account and my personal twitter account and not intended as a press release. If anyone does choose to pick this up as has been done previously I'd appreciate if you'd run in full including this paragraph so as not to give a partial picture, have things taken out of context or to imply or inadvertently give the impression this was intended for other outlets.

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Apr 19, 2012 9:15PM

Say Axl you still are a jerk.  You should have eaten your pride and supported your former band mates. You have gone no where since you split the band up, and I for one have and will not purchase any of you recordings in the future.


Your open letter makes you look like a complete self center nobody.  You had talent, but your fans have pass you by.   Thanks for the memories, but no thanks for your present situation.  You don't deserve the honor that was pass to you.


Apr 19, 2012 4:38PM
That's funny....I don't know of anyone who supports your decision to be a self centered ****.  Get over yourself, man.  You're going to die a lonely man, and quickly erased from Rock and Roll Glory, you will be known as a the **** who could've had the world in your hands for all generations.  Sad.
Apr 19, 2012 9:09AM


I see that my attempt at word play was lost on you.

You'll surely notice the quotes around the comment and maybe put together Rock with Granite ?

"Take it for Granite" = Take it for rock.



Anyway, no more off topic crapola and try to keep up !





Apr 19, 2012 8:49AM

I never thought i would agree with ROSE but the fact that GNR WAS EVEN INDUCTED does raise questions about   choosing voters ,,what the criteria is to get on the ballot ,,and who is on the board ..where the money comes and goes ,IF,,,that is truly why he refused induction...because of lack of information and clarity of what the hall is,and how it works....

GOOD FOR HIM ,,,with all the new and better option.s on finding and purchacing all the newer music that we are blessed with the HALL seem's to me to be the record's industry last attempt to control what we should buy and who we should listen to  the best tribute to an artist is when I listen to the allman brothers my son listens to the allman brothers and my grandson listens to the allman brothers ... like good smoke pass it on and share,,,,,,,,,,,,.should be called the HALL OF SHAME

Apr 19, 2012 6:29AM
i hope that the members of GunsN Roses can put their differences behind them and regroup. i am a big fan and i'm sure that i speak for others as well. i'm sure that to be put into your shoes the pressure is immense, but i guess that comes with the territory.
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